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Become an HTMA Expert!


Plus confidently develop protocols for your clients!

It seems silly to think of a course focused on Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis for health practitioners that DOESN'T also teach how to utilize it in practice (ie. develop protocols for your clients).

But the honest truth is, when I was desperately trying to learn HTMA, I couldn't find ONE SINGLE course that did this.

I could learn how to recognize the patterns. I could learn some basic interpretation. BUT I couldn't seem to get the answer to my BIG question, "How do you actually develop therapeutic protocols?"


In fact, in one course I took I straight out asked the instructor, "When do we learn about the protocols? How do we know what supplements to recommend?"

The answer?

"Just use the computer-generated report that the lab gives you."


I don't know how this makes you feel but at the time this made me feel disappointed. As a practitioner, I believe that computers/robots shouldn't be doing our jobs for us.

No computer can substitute for the complete analysis of comprehensive health history. No robot can replace our unique ability to connect test results with client presentation. 

As Functional Health Coaches or Professionals, we should NEVER treat test results. We need to treat the entire person. Our clients are people, not bars on a graph or numbers on a report.

I took several other HTMA courses and had the exact same experience. And this left me wondering, "Where do I need to go to actually learn this stuff?"

I spent the next couple of years digging around into the deep corners of PubMed and Google Scholar. Ultimately, I had to privately hire the top experts in the field of HTMA.

Several thousand dollars later, I started to get a grasp on the practical side of HTMA. I ran HTMA on every single client in my practice and group programs. To date, I have analyzed almost one thousand HTMA panels.

I have taken the knowledge of my expert mentors, alongside my years of clinical experience to develop the HTMA Expert method that is unlike any other.


  • 6 Online Training Modules

  • 6 x Live Q&A Calls w/ Kendra

  • Transcripts & Cheat Sheets for Every Module

  • Real Case Studies to help you master the craft

  • Facebook Support Community


Ryan Monahan, FDN-P

She undersells over delivers

Ryan Monahan, FDN-P

"Any nutritional expert or functional medicine type coach should absolutely invest in Kendra's HTMA expert course. There is a ton of valuable information and she definitely undersells and over-delivers."
Amanda Leigh

I need to say it was the single best business investment I made in 2019.

Amanda Leigh

"I need to say that it was the single best business of investment that I made in 2019. I really wanted to learn how to interpret this test properly and Kendra did that with me and empowered me to help my clients to really get results ."
Chinyere Williams

I don't know how you discover the HTMA Expert course and you don't take it. I feel like everyone needs it.

Chinyere Williams

“People need to understand the importance of these minerals, how to balance them, and what to look out for. So if you're a coach and your goal is to help people…I don't know how you discover the HTMA Expert course and you don't take it. I feel like everyone needs it.”
Anna Lubazska, Holistic Health Coach

She knows her stuff

Anna Lubazska, Holistic Health Coach

“Kendra loves to dig and research and the information that you'll find in her course or any course that she'll teach is extremely up to date, extremely comprehensive and practical. She will give you practical ways to use the screen like the HTMA. She knows her stuff.”
Jill Kay

This course made me feel like I can master this

Jill Kay

“I wanted to really master HTMA and this course made me feel like I can master this. Through this program and studying things deeper, I can really understand this at a deeper level and I'm looking forward to it.”
Brandon Molle, FDN Clinical Adviser

HTMA has been the missing piece for my clients health complaints.

Brandon Molle, FDN Clinical Adviser

“Proper interpretation of the HTMA, thanks to Kendra, has been the missing piece when it comes to solving my client's health complaints.”
Wynn Heilbrunn

This course presents every possible scenario.

Wynn Heilbrunn

“Kendra has been doing this for years and she's learned so much and it just explains everything…This course just presents every possible scenario and it's just a great resource to have moving forward when I start working with clients with it.”
Justine Altman

I really feel that it has given me the background to put everything into perspective.

Justine Altman

“My favorite part of the course is definitely that it's incredibly info-dense. There's so much information and it makes sense and it's totally nerdy in a science-y way. I really feel like it's given me the background to put everything in perspective of the entire human system.”
Raine Miller

My favorite part of the HTMA course is the community.

Raine Miller

“My favorite part of the HTMA course is the community and all of the questions that happen after the weekly session.”
Silvia Hogan, FDN-P, NTP

Thank you for the opportunity you gave me to make a difference in people's lives!

Silvia Hogan, FDN-P, NTP

Kendra has amazing gift of teaching and does so in grace and enthusiasm for the knowledge she acquired on her own healing journey. I admire and respect the great job she accomplished in putting this course together and delivering the way she did. Thank you for the opportunity you gave me to make a difference in people's lives!
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    • Start here!
    • Please complete the HTMA Expert Contract ASAP!
    • New Student Survey
    • Course Calendar
  • 2


    • Introduction, History & Collection
    • Ordering, International & New York Clients
    • Is HTMA Accurate?
    • Mineral Overview & Interpretation Basics
    • 1st Level Minerals
    • 2nd Level Minerals
    • 3rd Level Minerals
    • Oxidation Types
    • Module 1 Survey
    • Resource Library
  • 3


    • Introduction to Significant Ratios
    • The Calcium/Phosphorus Ratio
    • The Sodium/Potassium Ratio
    • The Calcium/Potassium Ratio
    • The Sodium/Magnesium Ratio
    • The Zinc/Copper Ratio
    • The Calcium/Magnesium Ratio
    • The Iron/Copper Ratio
    • The Copper/Molybdenum Ratio
    • Understanding Loss Patterns
    • Dietary & Lifestyles Strategies
    • Supplement Strategies
    • Supplementing with the 2nd Level Minerals
    • Supplementing with the 3rd Level Minerals
    • Simplifying Supplementation
    • Create Customized Mineral Formulas for Your Clients with Vykon Supplements (addendum)
    • Case Studies
    • Module 2 Survey
    • Resource Library
  • 4


    • The 4LOWS Electrolyte Pattern
    • The Calcium Shell Pattern
    • Detecting Iodine Deficiency
    • The Iodine Protocol
    • Case Studies
    • Module 3 Survey
    • Resource Library
  • 5


    • Introduction to Copper Toxicity
    • Types of Copper Toxicity
    • Addressing Copper Toxicity
    • Case Studies
    • Module 4 Survey
    • Resource Library
  • 6


    • Introduction to Heavy Metals
    • Introduction to Metal Detox Protocols
    • Heavy Metals on the HTMA
    • The Toxic Ratios
    • Other Types of Heavy Metal Testing
    • Module 5 Survey
    • Resource Library
  • 7


    • The Healing Journey
    • Re-Testing Scenarios
    • Maintenance Protocols
    • Mineral Balancing on a Budget
    • Mineral Balancing with Children
    • HTMA Packages & Pricing
    • Give a Testimonial for HTMA Expert! (YOU ROCK!)
    • ***BONUS POINTS*** Schedule a Quick Testimonial Interview
    • Module 6 Survey
    • Resource Library
  • 8

    Q&A Recordings

    • August 28th 2019
    • September 3rd, 2019
    • September 10th, 2019
    • September 17th, 2019
    • September 24th, 2019
    • October 1st, 2019
    • October 8th, 2019


  • ​Understand how to interpret the primary patterns on a Hair Mineral Analysis test

  • Feel confident in developing clinical protocols for your clients

  • ​Have the tools to assess the success of your protocols & know when to change course

  • Know how to change the lives of yourself and your clients by balancing their minerals

  • Meet like-minded practitioners who are just as nerdy as you!

  • Fun, fun and more fun!

  • ​Feel like an HTMA Expert!


Tara Thorne, Tara Thorne Nutrition

"I had waited MONTHS for her to re-open it and I was not disappointed."

Tara Thorne, Tara Thorne Nutrition

I joined Kendra's HTMA course with much anticipation - I had waited MONTHS for her to re-open it and I was not disappointed. Kendra has offered up SO much information, constantly updates it so we can all keep our finger on the pulse of HTMA and minerals, and is an absolute gem t'boot. I highly recommend the HTMA test to my colleagues as there's no other course out there like it.
Karen Rogers, Bachelors in Public Health & Nutrition

"THANK YOU for opening my eyes, Kendra! This course was AMAZING."

Karen Rogers, Bachelors in Public Health & Nutrition

THANK YOU for opening my eyes, Kendra! This course was AMAZING. I am sooo grateful for your work I am so excited to start implementing the knowledge and protocols I have learned these last 8 weeks. It's amazing how life happens. My own health struggles as a teen have lead me down this very rewarding (and difficult) path. I've been a health coach the last 8 yrs but as I continue to work on my own health, its amazing to see the different opportunities that naturally present themself when my body is ready to fix the next level.
Dori Martin, Optimal Health by Design

"This is a foundational lab I suggest to all clients!"

Dori Martin, Optimal Health by Design

I’m so glad I signed up for Kendra’s HTMA Expert course! Kendra did an amazing job taking a complex lab and making it easy to understand. The course is very comprehensive and even covers the lab’s history, the scientific basis and proven validity of the HTMA, plus all of the useful clues to your client’s health that you can uncover with just a simple sample of hair and inexpensive lab fee. This is definitely a foundational lab I will suggest all clients use for the amount of valuable information it offers.
Silvia Hogan, Functional Nutri Healing

"Now I can interpret it by myself!"

Silvia Hogan, Functional Nutri Healing

This has been the main addition to my "toll box" to help people since its the most reasonable price and now I can interpret it by myself. This is a 'must' initial test for very integrative/holistic health care practitioner to use in order to help their patients/clients.
Amy Slater, Amy Slater Coaching

"My confidence has soared upon completing this course!"

Amy Slater, Amy Slater Coaching

I entered this course knowing absolutely nothing about HTMA!! I am a recent graduate of FDN and have only worked with 5 clients. I am so proud to say that my confidence has soared upon completing this course. Kendra and her team have 100% exceeded my expectations on all levels! Do not hesitate to invest in this education!
Brittanya Beddington, Massage & Wellness with Brittanya

"I've learned an incredible amount about mineral balancing!"

Brittanya Beddington, Massage & Wellness with Brittanya

I initially started working with Kendra as a client five years ago but when she started using HTMA testing I was so much more motivated to improve my health since I could see on paper what was happening on a cellular level in my body. When I saw that Kendra was offering this course, and after hearing more about it, I couldn't resist signing up. I am so pleased that I did, as I've learned an incredible amount about mineral balancing!
Stevie McMurtrie, Own Your Body

"I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to further their education.

Stevie McMurtrie, Own Your Body

Kendra is a absolute wealth of knowledge when in comes to HTMA. This course has been a game changer for me to really go forward in my practice with confidence. She is very thorough with her teachings and you walk away with so many invaluable tools when it comes to bringing clients back to health. You really get so much information from the hair tissues test when you know how to interpret it properly. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to further their education.
Stacey Turner, Stacey Turner Wellness

"I absolutely love Kendra’s teaching style."

Stacey Turner, Stacey Turner Wellness

I absolutely love Kendra’s teaching style. Her HTMA course covers everything you need to know. How to properly read the test results and give appropriate protocols to your clients. She also includes lots of good nuggets you don’t expect to learn. I highly recommend so you can add this to your practice or just to learn how important minerals are for your body to function.


  • ​Functional health coaches who want to add to their current testing offerings

  • ​Licensed professionals who want to offer a more holistic approach for their clients

  • ​Health coaches who don't offer testing but would like to start adding it to their practice

  • Practitioners who are already utilizing HTMA but want to up level their knowledge

  • Fitness professionals who want to help their clients breakthrough weight loss plateaus

  • ​Wellness coaches who are fascinated by HTMA but are completely confused how to use it

  • Lay people who aren't health coaches but have a good understanding of health physiology and want to improve their own health and their family's


  • Practitioners who are looking for a diagnostic tool to diagnose disease

  • ​Practitioners who don't believe in a Functional approach to health & wellness

  • Lay people who have a limited understanding of health systems & health physiology



Kendra Perry

Business Mentor & HTMA Educator

Kendra Perry

I stumbled on Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis two years ago when every other functional test had failed to tell me why I was chronically fatigued and burnt out. At the same time, half of my female cliental were suffering from excessively high estrogen that didn't respond to any of the typical treatment protocols. When I discovered HTMA, everything changed. I identified imbalanced minerals and copper toxicity in myself and in every single one of my clients with estrogen dominance. Learning how to balance my own minerals plus those of my clients has been a game-changer personally and professionally.


  • When does the course start?

    February 10th, 2020 :)

  • When do I get access to the course material?

    February 10th @ midnight :)

  • Are the modules recorded?

    Yes, all the modules are recorded. The live Q&As are also recorded.

  • What if I can't make the live Q&As?

    You can submit questions in advance. All questions will be answered on the Q&As and they will be recorded for you to watch later.

  • When does the course end?

    March 25th, 2020

  • Are there payment plans available?

    Yes. You can pay in 2 payments of $577. Your second payment will be automatically billed 4 weeks after your first payment.

  • Will I feel confident in creating protocols by the end of the course?

    Yes. This is taught throughout the course and you are given lots of cheat sheets and fill in templates to help make creating protocols easily.

  • Can I get early access?

    Sorry. Everyone will get access at the same time on the 10th :)

  • How long do I get access to the course for?

    You get lifetime access plus any updates I make over time. The Facebook group will be archived on April 1st. That means you can still access all videos, comments, files but you will no longer be able to interact in the group.

  • When does the cart close?

    February 7th @ 6pm PST

  • When will this course be offered again?

    Fall of 2020. Dates have yet to confirmed.

  • I'm not a health coach. Can I still enroll?

    Yes, anyone is welcome

  • What if I still need support once the course is complete?

    We have an HTMA Expert graduate premium group where you can submit your client cases for review, continue to access support from Kendra and participate in advanced training sessions.

  • What is your refund policy?

    We offer a 30-day refund policy. That means you are able to request a refund at 30-days but you MUST show us that you have completed the course material. If after completing this material, you still feel like this information isn't valuable, we are happy to offer you a full refund. We do not make any exceptions to this policy. Thank you for understanding.