And launch a group coaching program that gives you MORE FREEDOM and INCREASES YOUR INCOME!

With the Profitable Groups framework, you will have my simple 5-step process that teaches you how to create a group health coaching program that actually grows your business and makes you money.

No more launch flops, program creation disasters, confusion around how to actually sell or fear that you will spend all this time creating a program that no one wants to buy!

You're a health & wellness coach who has a deep calling to help those struggling with their health.

You were SO EXCITED to start your business and start coaching clients but now that you are a couple years in, you feel burnt out AF.

I see you.

You feel exhausted trading time for money.

You want to scale your income but there aren't any more hours in the day.

You are frustrated, overwhelmed and wondering, "Is this really the business I wanted?"

You're sick of experiencing...

  • Back to back appointments

  • An endless stream of client emails demanding your support

  • A backlog of health protocols to create

  • A cap of your ability to make more money

  • No time for creativity or content creation

  • Overwhelm looking at your schedule and wondering, "How do I fit it all in?"

And you know launching a group program could solve these problems BUT you are scared to take the leap and you have NO IDEA where to start?

Or maybe you have tried running a group program before and experienced disappointing results.

You spent weeks or even months creating the perfect group program, only to launch and hear crickets (not one single sale)

Or maybe you made some sales but it was much less that what you had hoped for and when all was said and done, you barely made minimum wage.


I failed the first four times I launched a group program. Those were some of the darkest days of my business.

I felt deflated. I felt frustrated. It took me months to recover from that launch trauma.

But I didn't give up. I continued to test until I found a system that actually works!

Since those dark launch failures, I have successfully launched a group program 6 times, generating a combined total of over 400K in less than 2 years.



My 5-Step Framework for successfully launching a group health coaching program

Unlike other courses that are created by people who have NEVER worked in the health & wellness industry, Profitable Groups is created by a former health coach who grew a multiple 6-figure health coaching businesses WITH group programs!

Profitable Groups is different because the framework not only helps you to brainstorm the perfect program topic but it also helps you validate your idea (before spending months creating it), develop a program structure, and plan a launch that actually enrolls members who are excited to work with you!


  • Have more time out of appointments to actually show up for your audience on social media

  • Create more financial wealth to take that vacation you have always wanted (and actually have the time off to do it!)

  • Help 10x as many people, maybe even thousands or millions!

  • Help 10x as many people, maybe even thousands or millions!

  • ​Finally feel successful in your business (generating consistent income on the daily)

Hey there! I'm Kendra Perry!

Online Business Mentor for Health & Wellness Coaches

I'm the talented educator and marketing expert who helps you take your 1:1 services and turn it into a group program that sells!

After burning out HARD from private coaching, I knew that I needed to launch a group program BUT I had no idea where to start PLUS I couldn't find a mentor who understood the coaching industry.

4 failed group program launches later, I felt frustrated and stuck. I had to re-evaluate. I spent the next 6-months furiously researching and studying my audience. My 5th group program launch generated a profit of 7.5K.

Since then I have launched 5 successful group programs, generating a combined total of over $400,000 and counting. I have taken my exact step-by-step process of creating, testing and launching and created the Profitable Groups System.




REDUCE  or eliminate the number of private clients you take

GENERATE consistent income without working more or burning yourself out

CREATE an irresistible group program that your audience is dying to buy

IMPACT more people and get your message out to a bigger audience

ATTRACT your dream clients who you are excited to work with

ELIMINATE the stress of wondering if your group program will actually sell

AMAZE your clients with a program that is exactly what they want and gets them results

INCREASE your disposable income and work towards financial freedom

GROW your business while reducing your workload

SAVE hundreds of hours with the exact framework and step-by-step process

So if you want to increase your income (blow up your bank account) while helping more people (the sky is the limit) AND working less hours (no more wall of one-on-one appointments)...

Then Profitable Groups is exactly what you want!

Who is Profitable Groups for?

  • The coach who deeply desires to help as many people as possible

  • The coach who wants to impact without compromising their own health

  • ​The coach who is feeling overwhelmed and under-inspired working with private clients

  • ​The coach who wants more freedom to travel, spend time outdoors and hang with friends and family

  • ​The coach who dreams of creating a group program but has no idea where to start

  • And is now ready to show up as the wise expert on a mission to change lives

Who is Profitable Groups NOT for?

  • Someone who has no time to invest in building a group program

  • ​Someone who sells physical products online

  • ​Someone who has a service-based business that cannot be delivered in an online format

  • ​Someone who has no desire to work with more people than one at a time