Ready to Make 5K+ per Month CONSISTENTLY in your business BUT what you're doing isn't working?

Health Coach Accelerator is the 90-Day course and group coaching program that will dramatically shortcut the path to seeing consistent income & growth in your new or failing health biz.

You are months or years into your health business and..... you're hitting wall, after wall, after wall and progress is...well... non-freaking-existent.

-->> It's so much harder than you thought, right?!

You thought it would be easy. You thought people would be beating down your door!

You thought you would be making money by now...

But, instead...

  • You have zero idea what you are doing

  • Your client roster is patchy (or entirely empty) ​

  • You feel like no one is listening (Hellloooo!?)

  • Your bank account gives you anxiety

  • ​The tech makes you want to punch a wall ​

  • You are suffering from self-doubt, non-existent confidence and endless overwhelm

Instead of building your dream business...

You are working on the weekends, swamped by your to-do list, getting lost down tech rabbit holes, spending hours creating social media content and despite all that...  

You are STILL not seeing the success you want!

And if that isn't enough...

You're broke AF...

  • Money is CONSTANTLY weighing on your mind! Will you have enough this month? Will you ever get out of the red? Is making money as a health coach even possible? (You are starting to wonder....)

There just isn't enough hours...

  • Client appointments, sales calls, social media, content creation, figuring out the tech, more figuring out the tech, still figuring out the tech! (Oh and don't you need to start an email list or something?!)


Here's the problem. You are trying to put the carriage before the horse.

There are several critical steps that need to be in place before you can do ANYTHING else in your business...

And if you skip these steps...the business will be weak and the business won't attract clients.

So what's a coach to do who is doing "all the things" yet not making any meaningful progress?


The BBUILD method is my strategic process to building your business from the ground up. Like a house, you can't try to put on a roof without first framing it or pouring the foundation.  

The problem is that most coaches are out there trying to find clients without a solid foundation or without even having poured one at all.   

Every decision below informs the one above. Together, with the BBUILD method, we will create your solid as F business foundation and construct a personal brand that is both compelling, authentic and profitable.

The BBUILD method is what I have used to help hundreds of health & wellness coaches, just like you, go from a tiny or zero income to  6-figures and beyond!

BBUILD stands for...

(creating your compelling presence online)
(the proper mindset to carry you through the hard times)
(knowing who the heck you are talking to you and how to speak to them)
(developing a specific offer that speaks to your ideal client)
(find your people online using social media and intentional collaborations)
(sell your program using permission-based selling and email marketing)

So instead of pushing ahead with your shaky, half toppled-over business, we need to take a few steps back. We need to go back to the beginning and make sure what you're attempting to build on is structurally sound.   

Think of me like your personal carpenter and building inspector ready to help you get this shaky house back on track and ready for inspection approval!

Tara Udinski, FDN-P

"Health Coach Accelerator helped me build a strong foundation"

Tara Udinski, FDN-P

"I didn't know what steps I needed to take next and Health Coach Accelerator helped me build a strong foundation of the most crucial steps for starting my health coaching practice. Kendra is very understanding, approachable, and generous with the information she provides!"

HEY THERE! I'm Kendra!

Online Business Mentor for Health & Wellness Coaches

I am a health business mentor extraordinaire and online strategist for health coaches and practitioners. When I started my business in 2014, I was CLUELESS to say the least! I just wanted to help people and I had no idea that I needed to learn an entirely different language and actually figure out how to grow a business! I felt like the online universe was working against me (hello, conspiracy theory!)

I followed the business model taught by my nutrition school and I was getting nowhere. I was broke, frustrated and ready to give up. Can you relate to this?! 

Then one day, I did the math and realized that the framework I was following was destined to fail. There was NO way I could make money in business without working myself into the ground! I started to look for another way. 

Fast-forward to 2017, I had built a multiple 6-figure waitlist coaching practice.

After seeing so many of my colleagues struggle like I did, I knew it was time to help other health coaches achieve the same results as me!

I'm FIRED UP to bring you...

HCA is the 'Health Expert Approved' step-by-step business building system for wellness coaches and practitioners who want to take a minimalist-approach to generating 5K+ per month consistently. 

No fluff, no BS, just the exact steps you need to take to create a growing and thriving health biz!

Perfect for any online coach in the health & wellness or personal development space!
health coaches - wellness coaches - mindset coaches - spiritual coaches - life coaches - fitness coaches - health practitioners

Create a solid strategycultivate a winning mindset and attract clients on auto-pilot without sacrificing YOU or your integrity using The BBUILD Method!

This is a Step-by-Step Program is an online course and group coaching program that starts the minute you sign up!

  • Construct interesting and engaging content and learn how to master Social Media

  • Learn genuine, permission-based selling techniques that don't feel slimy, pushy or creepy

  • Develop your unique Signature Method that your audience is excited to sign up for

  • Define your ideal client in a way that no one else has taught you - so you know them intimately and understand how to communicate with them

  • Write your memorizing brand story to create more authentic connection with your audience

  • Build an email list that loves you and wants to work with you

  • Create focus and clarify knowing exactly what you need to work on in your business​

  • ​Execute intelligent business systems and set up so you work less and have more free time

What you learn inside HCA...

Set Up Your Business & Get Organized!

Haven't even gotten started? No problem! In this module, I'll tell you the pros and cons and naming your business after yourself versus something else. 

I'll show you the online tools necessary to make your life easier and help you grow your business. Plus, I'll help you develop a simple company manual to keep all your processes and procedures in one place

Walk away with...

  • A name for your business ​

  • Knowing which online tools you will need to run your business

  • Text length of individual points can be shorter or longer depending on your needs

Develop Your Clear Business Identity

If you are not 100% clear on who you are or who you talking to, then people don't know that you can help them! Period.

Inside Step 1, we develop your specific ideal client avatar and create your unique brand identity. When you and your niche are clear AF, suddenly you'll be attracting your dream clients!

Walk away with...

  • A clearly defined niche

  • Knowing how to talk with your ICA

  • A unique brand identity

  • The visual aspects of your brand

  • Your compelling brand story

  • Who exactly you should be online

Cultivate the Wealthy Coach Mindset

Think online business is all about strategy and tech? Think again, my friend. The state of your mindset is the primary determinant of your success in business!

Inside step 2, I'll teach you the biggest mindset traps that are blocking your success. I'll help you embody the mindsets of a Wealthy AF coach and teach you strategies to get you out of the shitty mindset dumps. 

Walk away with...

  • The 8 Brain Blocks to watch out for

  • The 6 mindsets of a Wealthy Coach

  • Strategies to shift a shitty mindset

  • How to take action like a boss

Design Your Irresistible Signature offer

Ditch your trading time for money business model and create a signature method that is irresistible to your audience. 

Inside Module 4, I'll teach you the 3 pillars of a transformational program, how to build it, price it and name it for profit 

We will go through the tech of on-boarding new clients plus I'll teach you my secret formula for creating happy return customers!

Walk away with...

  • A Signature Method that sells

  • A price point that generates profit

  • A name and branding that is attractive to potential clients

  • A transformational program that your audience is excited about

  • A method for creating return customers

  • An info page that you can give to prospective clients

Permission-Based Selling

Stop saying "I'm bad at selling" or "I hate selling" and master a type of selling that is both genuine and authentic. 

Inside Module 5, I teach you my effective permission-based selling technique so you can feel confident on your discovery calls, attract the right people to the call and close with ease (if the client feels like a right fit).

We will also discuss how to handle objections like, "I can't afford it" or "I have to ask my husband." or "It's not the right time."

Walk away with...

  • My 100K Step-by-step sales script that you can follow from beginning to end to close more clients

  • How to handle objections easily and seamlessly

  • How to onboard and offboard your clients

  • How to collect raving testimonials

Social Media & Content Creation

If social media is your arch-nemesis then you are going to love the attraction phase of HCA! No more stressing about what to post, when to post it. Get a simple content strategy that attracts the most aligned clients into your world!

In Module 6, I'll teach you how to structure your content in a way that creates excitement and engagement. I'll give you my minimalistic social media strategy, teach you how to re-purpose content and train you to be a video master (no more shrinking away from the camera!)

Walk away with...

  • How to use Social Media effectively

  • 30-day content strategy

  • A strategy for attracting new followers

  • How to turn one piece of content into 20

  • How to to turn followers into paying clients

  • Video mastery techniques

Email Relationship Building Machine

Let's get that list set the F up, already! Your email list is your most valuable asset as a health coach. The quality of your list will be a huge driver of your business success!

Inside this module, I'll help you create a freebie that your audience can't wait to download, we will get your nurture sequence written and I'll help you link the tech to make it all happen!

We will also be discussing email list growth techniques and how to troubleshoot when people aren't subscribing!

Walk away with...

  • A lead generating freebie

  • An email nurture sequence that turns new subscribers to paying customers

  • A working opt-in page

  • A strategy for growing your list

  • How to put together the tech with ease

  • How to troubleshoot your conversions

Gain Visibility with Collaborations

If you want to grow your business quickly without paid advertising, then we need to go beyond social media. 

Collaborating with other experts with similar niches is one of the fastest ways to grow your social media following, email list and get more ideal clients in the door. 

I'll teach you how to confidently pitch WIN-WIN collaborations to increase your visibility and gain access to new audiences.

Walk away with...

  • Knowledge of all the various ways you can collaborate with others to grow your audience

  • Done-for-you pitch templates to help you land guest podcast interviews, guest blogging and print media opportunities

  • A roadmap for how to run free workshops to get clients quickly and grow your email list

Tech Expert Tutorial Library

Walk away with...

  • All the tech tutorials you need

  • If we cover it in the program, I'll show you exactly how to set it up

  • • On-call tech support. Stuck? Myself or someone from my tech team will help you figure it out!

90-Days Access to The Wealthy Coach Insider's Club

  • 1 x live Q&A Call per week. I'll address any questions you may have. You can join me live or submit your question in advance. EVERY question will be answered in as much detail as possible!

  • 1 x live Review Call per week. You can submit what you're working on (freebie, program content, email nurture sequence, brand story, etc.) and I'll review and give you specific feedback and recommendations.

  • 1 x live Breathwork call per month. Let's make actual progress with your mindset blocks. I'll guide you through a group breathwork session to release those annoying belief patterns that are keeping you stuck.

  • Facebook Support Community. I'll be available Monday through Thursday to answer your questions. You can find your business besties and get support from other coaches who know exactly what you are going through.

Jennifer Woodward, Jennifer Woodward Nutrition

"I would recommend this program 100%"

Jennifer Woodward, Jennifer Woodward Nutrition

"When I joined HCA, I was unclear on whom I was serving. I wanted to help everyone and so I couldn't focus on going deep in any area. Kendra is passionate and no-nonsense, which is endearing, appealing, and makes her easy to learn from. I would recommend this program 100%. Kendra over-delivers on content and wisdom. I'll be back for more!"

Now time for the BONUSES!

Money Mindset Masterclass

w/ Jessica Zeinstra

How is your money mindset? For most new coaches, it's completely and totally toxic. This leads to you undercharging and being taken advantage of.

Jessica will be teaching you how to master your money mindset so you can attract more income into your bank account and finally start charging what you are worth!

Health Audit Client Strategy

(Ninja method!)

Having trouble getting subscribers onto your email list? Does it feel like pulling teeth?

Grab my Ninja, Health Audit Client Strategy where I'll show you how to sell your program and grow your email list using a low-priced health audit.

Content Consistency Story Prompts

90-Days of Prompts!

Social stories are a POWERFUL way to drive relationships and engagement with your social following. 

In this bonus, I am giving you 90-days of prompts so you never have to stress again about what to post to social stories (Will work for FB, IG & Linkedin)

Legally Covered Q&A

w/ Christy Westerfeld, Lawyer

Got legal questions about your health & wellness biz? Lawyer, Christy Westerfeld has got answers!

In this 60-minute recorded Q&A session, Christy will answer all the most common questions that online coaches have about running their business online and working with clients. 

30-Day Trello Template

Social Media Organization Board

Need some help organizing your social media content and knowing what the heck to post?

I'm giving you my Trello Org board to help you plan, organize and structure your social media content!


  • Financial Stability

  • An irresistible offer

  • A clear and easy to follow plan

  • Confidence selling

  • More freedom & spare time

  • A growing email list


By the end of 90-days, you will know EXACTLY what you need to do to build a successful health coaching business online.

No complicated strategies, no over-your-head tech, no unrealistic promises. 

I will be giving you the ONLY things you need to hit that 5K month income goal. We will be keeping it simple so you can start doing what you do best (being a life-changing health coach!) 

Enroll in Health Coach Accelerator Today!

8-Module HCA Course 

(Value: $9997)

90-Days Live Weekly  Q&A Calls 
(Value: $1997)

90-Days Live Weekly Review Calls 
(Value: $1997)

90-Days Monthly Breathwork Calls 
(Value $497)

90-Days Facebook Support Group 
(Value: $497)

Tech Expert Tutorial Library 
(Value: $997)

Micro-Commitment Strategy 
(Value: $497)

Master Your Money Mindset 
(Value: 497)

Trello Social Media Org Board 
(Value: $297)

Content Consistency IG Story Prompts (Valued at $197)





of HCA


By the end of Health Coach Accelerator, you will have a simple and focused marketing plan. You will know EXACTLY where you need to focus your time and what action you need to take to execute that plan in 2021.


No more shrinking into the hedge on a sales call or when a prospective client shows interest online. You will feel confident with your content, your free resource and your paid offer - you'll even shout it from the roof tops!


Having to implement one million and one strategies.

Without having to spend days or months slaving over a website. You don't even need to have one!

You DO NOT need to do ALL-THE-THINGS. Doing more will not give you more success. Doing less will.

Yep, I said it! We can keep things simple AF AND see more success at the same time. 


DIYing your business will actually not save you money. You will lose money!

If you try and do this on your own, expect it to take you double, triple or even quadruple the time.  


You can hit your income goals WITHOUT all the frustration, confusion and "I want to punch a fucking wall" experience.  


Daynel Brisk, Holistic Coach & Energy Healer

"It is a clear, methodical, and complete step by step method "

Daynel Brisk, Holistic Coach & Energy Healer

"I was ready to give up on doing health coaching altogether because I had no idea where to start in making it profitable, worthwhile, and attracting people that actually wanted to do the work. It is a clear, methodical, and complete step by step method for professional health coaches and want-to-be-coaches to go from newbies to up and having the blueprint needed for a fully functioning, effective, and profitable business, beneficial for the coach and the client."

Let's do this!

Enroll in Health Coach Accelerator Today!

8-Module HCA Course 

(Value: $9997)

90-Days Live Weekly  Q&A Calls 
(Value: $1997)

90-Days Live Weekly Review Calls 
(Value: $1997)

90-Days Monthly Breathwork Calls 
(Value $497)

90-Days Facebook Support Group 
(Value: $497)

Tech Expert Tutorial Library 
(Value: $997)

Micro-Commitment Strategy 
(Value: $497)

Master Your Money Mindset 
(Value: 497)

Trello Social Media Org Board 
(Value: $297)

Content Consistency IG Story Prompts (Valued at $197)

Total Value = $17,470

Today's Price: $1997 (or 3 payments of $697)

Join HCA today!

HCA Student Results

Stacey Turner, Stacey Turner Wellness

"She is passionate about seeing health coaches succeed"

Stacey Turner, Stacey Turner Wellness

Without Kendra I would still be spinning my wheels on where to even start to put myself online! I love that Kendra is to the point and without a lot of fluff. But, when I was really struggling through things she was also compassionate. I would recommend Kendra for her expertise in the health field, that is a plus for health coaches because she knows how the business works. But, most of all I would recommend her because not only does she work hard herself, she is passionate about seeing other health coaches succeed.
Lori Balue,

"Kendra’s course will help you to build success"

Lori Balue,

When I joined HCA, I didn't know how to use social media tech to get organized so I can get my message out. It helped build up my confidence and will make me look more professional and now I have something to give to people to help develop my business. If you want to get ahead and have an actual path to success, Kendra’s course will help you to build success with the tools we need and the ideas that work.
Tania Mercuri,

"HCA is a great step to help your business grow."

Tania Mercuri,

When I joined HCA, I was struggling to find and attract new clients. I really loved all the tech support offered, coaching support and ideas for ways to set up my online business. Kendra is down to earth too! HCA is a great step to help your business grow.
Genevieve Chittick Tonin

"My favourite part of Kendra's style is her no nonsense approach"

Genevieve Chittick Tonin

When I joined HCA, I was struggling to figure out how to organize my client program and get my voice out into the world. The most valuable thing I learned in HCA was a systematic approach to all the components of creating a program and promoting it. My favourite part of Kendra's style is her no nonsense approach that cuts through all the unnecessary fluff and bullshit.
Angela Cardinal, FDN, RMT

"She helped me get over myself and my blocks so I could get the work done"

Angela Cardinal, FDN, RMT

I am so happy that I hired Kendra because It gave she the steps that I needed to get my biz started and took away all the confusion. I love Kendra’s coaching style because she’s genuine! I would recommend Kendra because she helped me get over myself and my blocks so I could get the work done.
Margot Shite,

"Sign up for Kendra's HCA!"

Margot Shite,

After enrolling in HCA, with Kendra's mentoring and guidance, I finally nailed down a niche that is unique, feels right energetically, and was able to create one signature program specific to the niche! f you are feeling stuck, spinning your wheels, not confident enough to "put" yourself out there as a new coach, or you keep signing up for the new shiny courses that you think will help, stop right there and sign up for Kendra's HCA instead!
Colleen Dove, Health Coach

"The mental and emotional practices and investigation were amazing!"

Colleen Dove, Health Coach

When I signed up for HCA, I struggled to see how to build a business without pushing the rest of my life aside (ongoing issue). I learned that I don't have to beat myself up to be a success and I loved the ongoing reminders of the value of just being me. Outside of the excellent guidance on priorities, time management, simplifying steps and programs, support and building; the mental and emotional practices and investigation were amazing!


We offer a full refund at 60-days. If at 60-days, after purchasing, you are not 100% happy with you experience, we will offer you a full refund. We just ask that you give the program an honest shot and show us proof that you have implemented the course modules.

I am 100% confident that you are going to LOOOOVE HCA - so I highly doubt you will need this but if you do, we stand behind our guarantee!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When are the live calls?

    Live Q&A and Review calls happen on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We rotate between 9:30am PST and 1:30pm PST to accommodate coaches from different time zones. All calls are recorded for you to watch later. If you can't make the call, you can submit your questions or homework in advance.

  • Can I join Health Coach Accelerator if I am still in training or just graduated?

    Yes! This is the perfect time to join HCA! You will be ahead of the game and know exactly what you need to do to get that business running and generating a profit! Will I be successful with Health Coach Accelerator?

  • Include questions a potential student may have before purchase.

    hat depends. You will get out of Health Coach Accelerator what you put into it. Your business is your responsibility. I can't build your business for you. If you are committed to showing up to the calls and doing all the recommended work, then I have no doubt you will see success from this program. The most committed and dedicated students always get the biggest results.

  • When does Health Coach Accelerator Start?

    The program starts as soon as you sign up. The course is self-paced and you can complete it in your own time. The live support component of the program begins the day you purchase. We cannot delay the start of your live support under any circumstances.

  • Is there a payment plan available?

    Yes! You can finance the program for 3 payments of $697. You just need to select that option at checkout.

  • I don't have a website. Should I build my website first and sign up later?

    No! Please do not build a website yet. Building a website is incredibly tech and time intensive. You need to be hyper clear on your brand, your ideal client, your program and your content before you should even consider a website. Health Coach Accelerator will give you everything you need to create an effective website. By the end of the course, if you choose, you will be perfectly set up to build a website. In the program, I do give you a template for a stand-in website to send interested clients to.

  • Can I join if I am not a health coach?

    Maybe! If you are some type of online coach (life coach, personal development coach, mindset coach, spiritual coach) then the content taught in this program will be relevant! You must be some sort of online coach selling coaching services for this program to work.

  • How long do I get access to the course?

    You will get lifetime access to the course materials. You will get 90-days access to the live support calls and Facebook Group. After 90-days, you can purchase a monthly membership should you choose to continue.

  • Does HCA teach me how to create an online course or group program?

    No. HCA focuses on building the basics of a successful business. Including, niching, messaging, program development, social media, content creation, email marketing and audience growth. You will need all these things in place before you launch a course or group program. If you have these things in place and you wan to launch a group coaching program, please see my course, Group Program Academy.


You CAN build your business without any help, but that will take you many, many years.

How much time do you have to waste? Why not hire a mentor who can shorten your time to success.

Are you ready to become a wealthy AF coach?

Get the Health Coach Accelerator Experience, Bonuses, And 60-Day Guarantee for as low as $697

Enroll in the Health Coach Accelerator Experience!

8-Module HCA Course 

(Value: $9997)

90-Days Live Weekly  Q&A Calls 
(Value: $1997)

90-Days Live Weekly Review Calls 
(Value: $1997)

90-Days Monthly Breathwork Calls 
(Value $497)

90-Days Facebook Support Group 
(Value: $497)

Tech Expert Tutorial Library 
(Value: $997)

Micro-Commitment Strategy 
(Value: $497)

Master Your Money Mindset 
(Value: 497)

Trello Social Media Org Board 
(Value: $297)

Content Consistency IG Story Prompts (Valued at $197)

Total Value = $17,470

Today's Price: $1997 (or 3 payments of $697)


More student experiences!